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Albania Day Cruise

Our single-day cruise to the fascinating country of Albania is aimed at adventurous travelers with a passion for history seeking something out of the ordinary.
When less is more: Your comfort and well-being during our cruises are paramount to us, which is why we continue to operate our cruises and transfers with fewer passengers than that recommended by the health authorities. Allowing extra space for social distancing whilst you relax and enjoy the cruise in a clean and safe environment.
If you are after something different from your cruise then this is the one for you.
From the Port of Corfu, we follow the Albanian coast to the city port of Saranda.
After a short coffee break in Saranda, a 20 km guided coach tour of the south coast’s virgin shores and scattered islands are available for those who want it. Leaving the mainland again, we pass small picturesque villages and endless fertile plains that lead to a great lake.
The highlight of your day will be a visit to Butrint – a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Over the centuries, the ancient town had disappeared under layers of silt and vegetation. In recent years, however, archaeologists have uncovered some of the finest working towns remain in the Mediterranean. At the edge of the lake is the ancient city of Vouthrota. The Venetian Tower near the entrance, the ancient theatre, the Temple of Asclepius, the ancient gymnasium, the Roman Baths, the Roman
Baptistery with its priceless mosaic floor, the Lion Gate, and the enormous Cyclopean walls will transport you back in time from 2,500 years till the 3rd century A.D. At the top of the hill stands the Venetian Castle, offering breath-taking, panoramic views of the ancient city, the lake, and the vast plains below. Lunch is served upon your return to Saranda. In the afternoon, there will be a walking tour of Saranda, after which we finally depart this land that time forgot.
Join us and explore Mainland Albania – a truly magical place!