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Parga Paxos

Opt for a pick up from your hotel or make your own way to Corfu port and embark on an unforgettable journey in the blue waters of the Ionian Sea!
Raise the anchor, head south, and sail first to the Greek mainland town of Parga. Feel like you’ve stepped into a
postcard as you discover the whitewashed houses, charming alleyways, and striking natural beauty. Visit the hilltop Venetian castle and enjoy the spectacular views over the Town, discover little shops with handcrafted products, or enjoy a Greek coffee in one of the quaint cafés dotted along the waterfront.
Leaving Parga, sail across the Ionian Sea until you reach the peaceful island of Paxos
– the smallest of the Ionian islands. Legend has it that this green paradise was created by the Greek God Poseidon, when he struck off the southern tip of Corfu to create a shelter to house his love with Amphitriti. Wander the shop-lined streets, soak up the authentic Greek atmosphere, and round the day off with a delicious lunch in one of the friendly, family tavernas!
As a wonderful experience comes to an end, head back to the boat, and enjoy the leisurely sail back to Corfu port!